The Pure Programming Language

Pure is a functional programming language based on term rewriting. Its core is actually purely algebraic and purely functional, but the name can also be taken as a recursive acronym for the "Pure Universal Rewriting Engine." Pure has a modern syntax featuring curried function applications, lexical closures and equational definitions with pattern matching, and thus is somewhat similar to languages of the Haskell and ML variety. But Pure is also a very dynamic language, and is more like Lisp in this respect. The interpreter has an LLVM backend to do JIT compilation, hence programs run blazingly fast and interfacing to C modules is easy.

Pure has moved to Google Code!

The new project page is available here: http://pure-lang.googlecode.com. Please update your bookmarks.

You can view the old sf.net website here. Old releases, svn repository and mailing list archives are still available from the sf.net project page.


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